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Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves . . . . We are the Apostolon's, Demetrius and Sherri, and our triplets John, Zachary, and Madison.

This website will have available fun, upbeat, and fresh music for kids, as well as arrangements that parents will enjoy. Demetrius did some nursery rhymes and other songs as a passion of love for the triplets, which he began sharing with others. The music has been so well received and continues to extend to more and more families with small children. Our three learned the words and danced and sang to them from a very early age. We are planning to release more music, hopefully in the near future, that will combine fun and learning and progress in age range. Also, you can email us questions about having triplets, which will be fun to share.

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In addition, there will be some CD's that are very lighthearted fun songs for adults. We also will offer a service to "write you a song," in which we can personalize songs for you for special occasions. Demetrius does the instruments, arrangements, production and vocals. Sherri, John, Zachary, and Madison will do vocals (until they start playing instruments).

We want to make the CD's very affordable for everyone. So we hope you enjoy them. Our hope is you and your little ones will love these songs like ours do. Thanks for visiting our site.

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Demetrius, Sherri, John, Zachary, and Madison